Port Everglades Administration information

address to Port Everglades Administration Bldg. - 1850 Eller Drive.

Port Everglades Department, under the authority of the Broward County Board of County Commissioners, is operated by numerous divisions, each with responsibility over specific functions.

The Port Everglades Administration Building, where offices of the port director and most divisions are located, is a six-story building with a glass facade and red trim that stands at 1850 Eller Drive, near the center of the port. The Administration Building is accessed most easily by taking I-595 East straight into the port. Visitors must register with security personnel at the first-floor checkpoint.

Port Director
Telephone: (954) 523-3404, Ext. 3601
Fax: (954) 523-8713

As administrative head of Port Everglades, the port director has responsibility over proper administration of all seaport functions. The deputy port director, as second in command, performs such duties in the port director's absence.

Business Administration
Telephone: (954) 468-3518
Fax: (954) 525-1910

Procurement, property management, business permits, franchises, human resources, labor relations, risk management, and various other facets of general port administration fall under this division. Direct phone numbers for specific functions include:

Business permits/franchises: (954) 523-3404, Ext. 3620
Human Resources/Risk Management: (954) 468-3519
Leasing/Property Management: (954) 468-3518
Procurement: (954) 468-3517
Cargo Marketing
Telephone: (954) 523-3404
Ext. 3640
Toll-free: 1-800-421-0188
Fax: (954) 468-3529

This division is responsible for marketing and sales strategies to draw additional containerized, bulk and neobulk cargo volumes to Port Everglades. Staff provides customer service to the shipping community and markets Foreign Trade Zone No. 25 and other port facilities to the maritime community. A schedule of liner services may be obtained from this division.

Corporate Communications
Telephone: (954) 468-3527
Fax: (954) 765-5345

Public information, media relations, special events, port publications and advertising are among key functions. The division also schedules port tours and speakers bureau presentations, develops audio-visual productions, and coordinates trade promotion and naval public affairs activities.

Events hotline/Navy ship tours:
Telephone: (954) 468-3539
Speakers bureau/Port tours: (954) 523-3404, Ext. 3696

Construction Management & Planning

Telephone: (954) 523-3404, Ext. 3674
Fax: (954) 765-5389

The seaport's extensive capital improvements program is developed and administered by this division, which has responsibility over strategic planning, architectural and engineering design, harbor maintenance/dredging, construction administration, surveys, engineering records, zoning, building code conformance, land development and a full range of environmental programs, including mitigation, wildlife protection, biological monitoring and environmental permits.

Planning: (954) 523-3404, Ext. 3672
Engineering & Construction: (954) 523-3404, Ext. 3674
Environmental programs: (954) 523-3404, Ext. 3883
Telephone: (954) 523-3404, Ext. 3705
Fax: (954) 765-4060

Finance is responsible for all of the financial transactions including invoicing, collections, accounts payable, payroll, grants, capital projects, bond compliance, internal and external financial reporting, and port-wide data processing services.

Billing/accounts receivable:
Telephone: (954) 523-3404, Ext. 3513;
Fax: (954) 524-0170
Accounts payable:
Telephone: (954) 523-3404, Ext. 3722
Telephone: (954) 523-3404, Ext. 3854;
Fax: (954) 523-2613

Legal advice and counsel for the seaport, as well as its officers, in performance of official duties, is the responsibility of the Broward County Attorney's Office.

Telephone: (954) 523-3404, Ext. 3810
Fax: (954) 525-1910

All operational functions are overseen by this division, including coordination of ship berth assignments, stevedoring and agency needs of port users, special events logistics, maintenance of tariff rules and regulations (available upon request) and responsibility over the following:

Gantry cranes -- Midport
Telephone: (954) 765-4365;
Fax: (954) 765-5061
Gantry cranes -- Southport
Telephone: (954) 765-4396;
Fax: (954) 765-5060
Foreign Trade Zone
Telephone: (954) 765-4620;
Fax: (954) 765-4628
Telephone: (954) 523-3404 Ext. 3823;
Fax: (954) 525-9512
Public Works
Telephone: (954) 765-5099;
Fax: (954) 765-5040
Telephone: (954) 765-4691;
Fax: (954) 525-1910
Passenger Development
Telephone: (954) 523-3404 Ext. 3642
Fax: (954) 468-3529

Passsenger Development focuses on marketing to attract additional cruise ship business and provides customer service to cruise lines currently serving the port. Avenues pursued include trade show participation, travel agent relations and overall tourism in industry involvement. An annual cruise guide summarizing the port's cruise fleet and itineraries is available upon request.

Public Safety
Telephone: (954) 468-3533
Fax: (954) 468-3534

The port's Public Safety division coordinates around-the-clock security and emergency medical services with the Broward Sheriff's Office and Broward County Fire Rescue division, respectively. Public Safety, with centrally-located Midport headquarters, has specific responsibility for general public safety, employee identification passes, dock permits, fire suppression, inspection and prevention, hazardous material tracking and equipment maintenance.

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